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Digital Images Toronto started in 2007 as a small photography company.
In 2008 we started to offer video production by covering local community events.
In 2010, we expanded operations into Montréal as Productions Numériques de Montréal.
Now we are a community service, providing access to community events, news and sports through still photography and High Definition video.
Our camera operators and editors are college graduates or college students who are or have studied film and broadcasting. Our lead operator has worked for Shaw Media and Rogers TV.

Our season runs from mid-March to mid-December in Toronto, and from mid-April to the end of November in Montréal.

Here are some of the great events we have covered in past seasons:

  • Toronto International Air Show (video)
  • CHIN International Picnic (stills and video)
  • Canadian National Exhibition (stills)
  • Wrestling for Noah (stills)
  • Stockyards Boxing (video)
  • Bloor Street Boxing (stills and video)
  • Montréal Botanical Gardens (stills and video)
  • Montréal Olympic Stadium (stills and video)
  • Montréal Travel and Tourism (video)
  • Société de Transport de Montréal (video)
  • The Abandonment Project: Ontario Place (stills)
  • The Abandonment Project: Hippodrome de Montréal (stills)                                                                                                 


A look at some of our exciting productions.

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To order DVD or Blu-Ray, use the form below.
Please specify the program, DVD or Blu-ray and number of copies. 
DVD/Blu-Ray copies of individual programs are $25 each, plus $5 S&H. 
Feature films, such as documentaries, travel logs, ect. are $40, plus $5 S&H.
They are unlabeled and come in a paper sleeve.
Don't forget to include your shipping address.

We can not provide copies of Rogers TV programming. Please contact Rogers TV at 416-446-7175 to order programming.

If you have an event you want covered, please use the request form, below.

If you enjoy our programming, please donate to help pay production costs:

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To contact us, please use this form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Also please use this form to order DVD or Blu-Ray copies of events, until the Store opens.

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Please note our coverage areas below, before requesting event coverage. If you are within our local coverage areas (green), your event has priority over any that are outside these areas. If there are no local events to be covered, we will be happy to cover any event in our fringe coverage areas.

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